Roll call: who here going to XXI at Dusquene next week?
  • It occured to me that we normally do this kind of thread before colloquium.
    Who's in this year?
    C&W checking in late Monday evening for the week.
    Gonna X post this over at Cafe as well.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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  • chonakchonak
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    Heading out shortly...
  • What matthewj said.
  • Chironomo
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    Alas... not I this year. I will be following all of you on Facebook and Chant Cafe.
  • JH-image
  • rollingrj
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    Charleston, SC. Pittsburgh, PA. Houston, TX. New Orleans, LA.

    From January, 2010 to January 2011.

    I have attended what I consider the last four "major" CMAA events.

    The streak ends.

    For better or worse (depending upon to whom you speak), I will not be there.

    Keep me in your prayers throughout the week, as I will keep you in mine.
  • ossian1898ossian1898
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    I'll be there.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Headed out Mon, AM, early, even though It's only about 1:45 travel time. Hot date with the Gumbert collection...
  • Jeffrey,

    Say hi to my wife Julie; she's a librarian at Gumberg. I'll be there Monday night after my stressful 45 minute drive into the city.
  • JDE
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    I'll be there. I'm bringing a colleague who teaches music at a Catholic school, and two choir members. It's a nine-hour drive from here.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    If anyone else is getting in Sunday night and wants to get a drink or two or dinner, let me know. I should be checking in around 6:30PM or so.
  • AOZ
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    Andrew Motyka: can you call me ASAP at the MusicaSacra # 334.444.5584

    It's rather urgent!!!
  • Adam Schwend
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    I was all set to go until I realized it was the week of our parish school's I have to be at the parish.....and since it usually falls on this week, it's probably going to be a reoccuring issue for me....Maybe one of these years it will work out. Sigh....
  • Not this year. Saving pennies for Valencia and Barcelona conferences on medieval and Renaissance music.
  • I'll be there: number 6 for me!
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    As I am working for an Episcopal Church, and starting a Children's Choir there in the Fall, I decided to use my parish's allotment of money (and my boss's allotment of vacation time) to attend an RSCM event in July. I don't know if I made the right decision or not, but I'm hoping to learn something and have some fun. (Also, they paid for me to go the CMAA event in Houston, so I thought I ought to do something Anglican this time).

    They have made it clear that they'll be giving me about the same amount every year for "Conferences and Conventions," so I'll (finally) be able to go next year (assuming the world doesn't end in October).
  • AngelaR
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    I'll be there, along with my assistant director, Greg Etzel! Driving out early Monday morning from Illinois.
  • Chris AllenChris Allen
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    Wish I could this year, but I'm certainly looking forward to hearing Carl D's recordings!
  • JDE
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    Carl D isn't making recordings this year! He can't attend. Anybody else have a recording device?
  • J,
    I have both vid and aud digital, will bring the Alesis vid/aud. But Carl's editing is rigorous work. What I'm hoping is that JMO has CCW staff documenting stuff.
  • ossian1898ossian1898
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    I appreciated the recordings. But I think I appreciated the air conditioning more. :-) If you remember last year...we had our Masses in the "Sauna of the Epiphany".
  • I'll be there with my baby Dominic, our organist, and two choir members. A fun crew!! Bring on the chant and wine!

    Anyone else down with some sacred music flash mob appearances in the evenings? :)
  • I'll be there!!!!!!!! :-)
  • Kathy
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    I can flash mob on Wednesday and Thursday nights. It will be a very short week with y'all, but I couldn't bear to miss entirely. Looking forward to meeting Dominic!
  • Bring yer glasses, Susan! ;-)
  • kevinfkevinf
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    I pray to go next year. As I just changed parishes and used all my own money for Tournemire research, it was not in the cards. But I am a former student of Duquesne and of Anne L, so I know the area. Have fun and go down to the Point once if you have not done so. "Next year in Pittsburgh" to paraphrase the Hebrew Passover wish.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Flash mob? sounds good, but when? Y'all have programming running almost to my bedtime. Sounds like I'll be learning a dissipated lifestyle.
  • Carl DCarl D
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    Alas, I'm not recording this year, I can't make it. However, I have a couple of ladies who graciously volunteered to record what they could, and I'll process it and archive it on my website.

    Charles, I'd love to include all your audio recordings. Drop me an email and I'll set you up with an FTP drop.

    Anybody else? Drop me a line, and I'll set you up as well.

    Thank you all, and I'll be praying for your success.
  • a/c is way more valuable than recordings!
  • Sounds like I'll be learning a dissipated lifestyle.

    Well JQ, it's not quite THE RAKE'S PROGRESS, but at some point we all have to come to terms with "We're Catholic and we're gonna be all that we can be!"

    I rather regard that as eminently scriptural, as ratified by the Quelle scholarship. I could be wrong, but the Prodigal Son gets air play twice yearly now,:-)
  • Allan DAllan D
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    "a/c is way more valuable than recordings!"

    After that sweltering two-hour final Mass at last year's Colloquium, I completely agree. Sadly, I won't be attending this year. Next year, hopefully.
  • Cantus67Cantus67
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    Say whaaaaaat, I'm there. My first Colloquium and I'm not going to miss it. Jeffrey, if you wish I'll bring you a beautiful bottle of Leopold's finest Gin; the Gin that has won awards around the globe and it's made right here in Denver. I am SO looking forward to this conference!!!

  • I don't say no to gin! Full speed ahead, by all means. And thanks!
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Well, Charles, a little late-night drinking vs. Mass every day...looks like a net gain spiritually. I'm just saying that I'm used to waking up at 5:30, so I might have to adjust a little.
  • I just saw the roll call on the Cafe - I didn't know about this forum! I plan to leave Winchester (VA) about noon and be in Pittsburgh before 4:00. I'm really looking forward to my second Colloquium, and hope to see you at the reception. BTW, I have not acquired a taste for gin ... I prefer wine and beer, scotch and bourbon. :-)
  • Hey, organists: I'm bringing the Pittsburgh Organ Atlas from last years Organ Historical Society conference. I'm hoping to see some of the interesting and legendary instruments during the week. I'm also hoping to see the 'relics church' at some point. I'm happy to drive!
  • G
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    Himself is driving me out , should get to Pittsburgh 11-ish - Arlene, need any help with check in or whatever?

    (Out of work, out of money and going anyway; now THAT'S dissipation.)

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
  • KSBrigid
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    I'll be there as an intern for my first Colloquium! I'm a senior undergrad at Duquesne, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. Pax tecum!
  • JennyJenny
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    I'll be there. We are leaving from Maryland at 9AM.
  • Anybody heard from Jessica in Lincoln?
  • We'll be there through Thursday.
  • sadiefair
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    Alas...I can't make it this year...I used most of my vacation time going to Rome and Venice...wish I could have done both!
  • I used most of my vacation time going to Rome and Venice
    Ahhh, that's not right! Now I'm gonna have to rent a Vespa in Pittsburgh and run red lights an' all.
    MA, what say we leave Dom with Wendy and careen through the pockmarked, stratified and cobbled trails that pass for streets there, going to the state run wine stores, one bottle per run? Does PA have mandatory helmet law?
    Give me your answer, do, on my Vespa for two, MA...'cause I'm sure Mahrt is willing to ride shotgun!
  • The helmet law only applies to a walking near curbs...
  • JDE
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    If field trips are involved, I'll be happy to be a designated driver. I'm bringing the minivan because I have passengers, so I can take at least four people with me, maybe five or six depending.
  • Yeah, FNJ, like a helmet would have helped my shoulder stay in place! JDE, I'm renting a horseless buggy that I promise won't be driven at night, But if your services are required, I won't hesitate to call. Just in case of contingencies, would you sing a few phrases of Dies irae now and then through the week?
  • I'll be there! Seeing as I live 10 minutes away from Duquesne, I really should...

    I am one of the organists at the St. Paul Cathedral and would be happy to show off the 97 rank 1961 von Beckerath there, maybe on Sunday afternoon.
  • Charles, vespa and vino- per che no?! I will defer to the Prof if I must, and if it's rainy we can beg JDE for a spot in the minivan. Though two tenors in a confined space might be tempting fate... Hee hee.

    Ryan, I'll be traveling with two organists from my parish... I bet they'd be interested in your offer.

    All this and PENTECOST, too!!! Too much happiness this side the veil. Tomorrow's chants are so groovy I won't be able to sleep.

    Happy Feast Day, one and all!
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    Ah... yes... Pentecost... Send down the fire of Your..... err.. that's not a chant.

    Time to go make the doughnuts.
  • Phipps
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    I have had to go to the State Knights of Columbus conventions of late but am pondering making the next Colloquium my vacation priority next year. I look forward to the reports during the week and wish I could be there.