Caeciliae v0.9.9 is out...
  • Caeciliae has been updated to version 0.9.9. It is available for download here.

    Updates include:

    • The new Boldstaff variant which has thicker staff lines. Designed especially for those who photocopy chant...
    • Native Responsory, Versicle, and Antiphon characters (you may see them as V/., R/., and A/. inscriptions since so few fonts actually support them natively).
    • Acute accent marker above the staff for making chant paradigms.
    • Small bug fixes and optimizations throughout.

    The next planned release of 1.0 will focus on any bug fixes that might arise, as well as updating the documentation for using Caeciliae.

    Blessings, -Fr. Matthew Spencer, osj

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  • bgeorge77
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    Excellent! My only other request would be the thick reciting tone one often sees in psalm tones, the one that looks like this |========|

    I will draw up a revised vesion of the quick reference sheet I made for 0.95
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    This is just . . . so amazing, Fr. Spencer.

    Ben, I LOVE your reference sheet

    (so, Ben.....when are you going to make a YouTube on how to do Caecilia? )

  • bgeorge77
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    Attached is the quick-reference sheet for 0.95, I am currently making one for 0.99... but it's 99.9% the same, I think.
  • bgeorge77
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    Attached here is the updated quick-reference sheet for version 0.9.9.

    Fr Spencer, let me know if I'm missed something, and please consider including this PDF in the ZIP for the font, I believe it is quite useful.
  • bgeorge77,

    A year ago I did a quick-reference sheet for Caeciliae, which I have misplaced...but yours is SO much better that it no longer matters.

    Thank you!
  • bgeorge77, I've been wanting to create a Caeciliae quick reference for a long time. I'm happy to include your reference sheet if I can also get the original document the PDF was created from to upload to the sourceforge servers. Can you email me directly to work out the specifics?

    Also, I've considered adding a recitation note neume too (the todo list still has that as one of the planned goals), but because so many use the hollow note for recitation tones, it hasn't been a very high priority. I'll see if time allows...
  • Is there any consensus regarding the best software to use with this font?
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    I feel Adobe InDesign is the best. Illustrator and Apple Pages are also AWESOME
  • If you have a Mac, you are doing yourself a massive disservice if you don't have Apple Pages, part of the iWork bundle.

    This font works perfect in applications that have good support of OpenType fonts. That really should be ALL programs that work with text, but alas.
  • Fr. Matthew,

    Congratulations, and THANK YOU !!! Your work is a great help! and very useful also the chart of bgeorge77.

    So helpful to prepare the chant of prayers and readings!

    Thanks again!
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Dear Fr. Pierre,

    Have you tried Fr. Spencer's new "Boldstaff" Caecilia (thick lines) ?

    It is truly a MARVEL.
  • Pes
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    Father Matthew,

    Many thanks for this excellent font, which I now use regularly for presentations. I'm curious whether it would be possible to extend the font with a set of solfeggio syllables. The teaching possibilities would be greatly expanded. Currently, I use GIMP to create solfeggio on the staff, but it's a complete hack:


    A native solfeggio set in Caeciliae would be terrific.
  • Regards.

    I created this character map and guide of the Caeciliae font. It is in Spanish and English. I hope this is useful.
  • Juan, this is great. Thanks!
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  • JonathanLCJonathanLC
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    Wonderful, thank you!