New Grail Psalter - Responsorial
  • What happens when they are approved?

    Will they replace the current lectionary psalms?

    And, as long as we are on the subject, who actually chooses the antiphons that appear on the USCCB site.

    And where are the OF Graduals in English?
  • chonakchonak
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    The bishops' conference press release last year speaks of approving the RGS, and doesn't speak of discontinuing any other version. RGS will probably become the standard version used in Lectionaries, because the NAB and old Grail are not fully compliant with Liturgiam Authenticam.

    For recited psalms, the RGS will probably become the only choice.

    The Church has been more flexible about translations for sung settings, and has allowed other Scripture versions and even metrical psalms, provided that they were approved by the bishops' conference or the diocesan bishop. I expect that the NAB and the (old) Grail version would continue to be OK for sung psalms, unless there were a specific action to forbid them.

    There are no official OF Graduals in English. Similarly, I think any English version using a psalm text from a previously approved translation would be OK: NAB, RSV, Jerusalem, Grail. Maybe Confraternity?

    (See GIRM para. 61.)
  • Chonak, that's best case. But the missalettes will be printing new Grail, so this is what people will see. other settings will need to use this (much better) text, and that's where GIA is going to demand a cut, which will discourage creativity outside the cash nexus. very troubling.
  • chonakchonak
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    Even in cases where the law doesn't require using the RGS text, many pastors who don't know or care about the options will insist on using it, as they do now for NAB.