Response to BenedictGal on another list...
  • [It is always worthwhile viewing from someone else's viewpoint, this written in response to some sense stated by BenedictGal]

    Thank you for challenging me. I will continue to use the song books provided by my Church. I trust those in authority to provide music that is fitting to the Sacred Liturgy while being open to contemporary musical growth. Patience is what I feel is needed by you. Your continued attacks on contemporary composers is just not productive. If we continue to stick to the books and composers provided by our Diocese and they continue to weed out what is not appropriate then we will be safe. It may take years. I have said before; if it is in the church's song book then I will continue to use it. We don't need 'Rush-Linbaugh-style' personal attacks on those good people who have been accepted into our Litrugies for decades. I made one comment to you on your selections. I called them stale old hymns just to see your reaction. You were offended and said I ridiculed them. Imagine how the rest of us feel when you use those same kind of remarks on our selections. We all belong to the richest, most successful religion in history. Let the system work, Benedictgal. Continue your love for those wonderful old hymns. And let others continue with our love of contemporary.
    Peace be with you always,

    [go get em', BenedictGal! We love you!]
  • GavinGavin
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    I will continue to use the song books provided by my Church.

    Good for him! Not enough people use the Roman Gradual!
  • Just curious. Is there a case in any diocese in the US that books published by the big 3 have been banned by the local Ordinary?
  • don roy
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    what part of "pride of place" do we not understand?