Director of Sacred Music -- St. John the Evangelist Parish, Goshen, Indiana
  • Director of Sacred Music, St. John the Evangelist Parish, Goshen, Ind.
    The Rev. Royce V. Gregerson, Pastor
    109 W. Monroe St. Goshen, IN 46526

    St. John the Evangelist Parish in Goshen, Indiana invites applicants for a full-time position of Director of Sacred Music. We seek an excellent musician and committed Catholic to inspire and lead a parish of 1,000 families in participating in sacred music and in enhancing the spiritual and sacramental life of the parish. We believe that, in the words of the Second Vatican Council, “the musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art. The main reason for this pre-eminence is that, as sacred song united to the words, it forms a necessary or integral part of the solemn liturgy” (SC 112). Furthermore, we believe that beautiful sacred music has the power to inspire faith in Christ through an encounter with the living God. As Benedict XVI once stated, “Discourse with God goes beyond the boundaries of human speech,” giving sacred music a unique power to inspire worship of Almighty God. We are seeking someone with a deep relationship with the Lord, rooted in prayer, who will guide others into an encounter with Christ through this great treasure of inestimable value that is the Church’s treasury of sacred music.

    St. John’s Parish has a long tradition of beautiful liturgies and sacred music. The parish is blessed with a talented and dedicated adult choir that is proficient in a wide variety of musical styles. Applicants with proficiency in teaching and conducting Gregorian chant and music from the Church’s timeless treasury of sacred music will be given particular consideration. Our Masses in English make substantial use of chanted propers, antiphon hymns using the proper texts and accompanying psalm verses, Gregorian-based responsorial psalms and Gospel acclamations, Marian antiphons, classical hymnody, choral anthems and motets, Gregorian and chant-based ordinaries (including a sung Creed), and great organ repertoire and improvisation.

    The parish has a one-year-old, 3-manual Rogers Infinity 367 digital organ. Candidates must be proficient in accompanying hymns and playing preludes and postludes from classical organ repertoire as well as organ improvisation. We are in conversation with an organ builder about adding pipework to this instrument as well.

    The music director will build upon the tradition of the current program, fortifying and reinvigorating those elements while expanding the existing program, increasing parish education on the liturgy, and collaborating with the pastor in any number of other areas that touch on music and the sacred liturgy. In addition to overseeing the musical planning, the director will play the organ and direct music for three weekend Masses, one weekly school Mass (during the academic year), funerals, weddings, and other services as needed. The director will also direct the regular adult choir at the principal Sunday Mass and recruit and train cantors for the other Sunday and school Masses.

    The director will also assist in introducing the children in our parish school to the Church’s rich treasury of sacred music.

    The preferred candidate will: have a degree in sacred music or related field, have a thorough knowledge of the Church's musical patrimony, be self-motivated, be able to draw out the talents of the parish, and be an outstanding pastoral presence in the parish.

    St. John’s also has a large and growing Hispanic community. While the Director of Sacred Music is not responsible for music at Masses celebrated in Spanish, candidates who speak Spanish will be given particular consideration in order to coordinate with musicians for Spanish Masses. The Director of Sacred Music will also be responsible for coaching, mentoring, and supervising a new full-time Associate Director for Masses in Spanish who will shortly be joining our team.

    The community of Goshen, Indiana has a vibrant musical tradition that is infused into St. John’s parish. Local schools and a small private liberal arts college place a strong emphasis on the musical arts, making Goshen a great place to work as a professional musician. Close proximity to the South Bend area and the University of Notre Dame presents many professional and cultural opportunities as well.

    Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. Starting date is negotiable, beginning as early as January 8, 2024. Please submit a resume, cover letter, and the Diocesan application for employment via The Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend. Any (optional) supplemental materials or recordings or further inquiries regarding the position can be sent to the pastor, Fr. Royce Gregerson, at
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    Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about this post. This is where I have been (very happily) posted for the last 5 years. I am leaving on very happy terms, and there is much to entice many of you who visit this forum regularly. I will also be very happy to assist you in the transition, and will be collating a hard-drive full of resources so that you can continue using anything that I've produced in my time here.

    A few perks:

    • The parish knows multiple Gregorian ordinaries, including XVII for Advent / Lent, the Missa simplex for school masses (in latin) and we are currently in the process of learning de Angelis (Kyrie and Sanctus are secure). We chant the seasonal Marian antiphons at the end of every Mass, and people know them very well after multiple annual cycles of this. They even know my transcription of Credo III into english (it's a bit more faithful to the original than the ICEL version) and it is sung every week during choir season.

    • We have chanted propers at every Mass. (We primarily lean on Fr. Weber, but ultimately I/we can chant from any collection of chant, vernacular/latin, florid/simple, and any combination thereof as suits the occasion, desire, and need.

    • the choir has been fed a very healthy diet of Latin motets the last 4 years, and our veteran members are very comfortable

    • psalmody is chant-based, so the congregation is now habituated to free-rhythm, flowing arrangements

    • the parish has been fed a very broad diet of traditional hymnody, with traditional language all restored (we use worship aids, so you will have total freedom here). All of our entrance hymns and many of our offertory hymns are tropes of the proper texts (either AntiphonRenewal or Esguerra).

    wonderful, reverent, young priests who say beautiful masses, and both sing VERY well. We are regularly treated to fully-sung canons and gospels on feasts and solemnities. I am told not-infrequently by people who visit other parishes that they are relieved to come back home to St. John's, since our masses are so much more reverent.

    • week-day mass ad orientem

    • new 3m Digital organ installed last year; this is very much better than your standard plop-and-run type of thing; it has wood-core keyboards, moving drawknobs, antiphonal / solo division in the front of church behind facades, multiple walker subs so it speaks with authority, has been through multiple rounds of voicing, etc. I live very happily with it. There is also the strong desire to introduce some essential pipework in the future should funds allow.

    • copy machine in the music office that can do up to 11x17 duplex. (We also have a wonderful relationship with a print shop a few blocks away run by parishioners, who essentially offer to big jobs for us at cost.) Your office is also in the church basement, so you are always just steps away from the loft.
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