Music Director (FT): Ave Maria Catholic Parish in Parker, CO
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    This pastor really wants someone who will bring quality sacred music to the parish.

    Job Summary:
    Oversees all music-related activities for the liturgical and devotional life of the parish.
    Music allows the prayer of the Church to resonate in the hearts of the faithful, making
    music an integral part of the spiritual formation of the parish and an expression of our
    shared beliefs.

    Employer Summary:
    Ave Maria Catholic Parish glorifies God by helping people encounter and imitate Christ
    our perfect priest, prophet, and king. Thereby fulfilling their eternal destiny to know, love,
    and serve God. The parish, located in beautiful Parker Colorado, has almost 3,000
    registered families and a grade school with almost 400 students. We are seeking to
    beautify our liturgies and expand parishioner’s participation in prayer.

    More Info:

    Parish Website:

    I'm not affiliated with the parish; just helping to spread the word where it's likely to reach the kind of person the pastor wants to hire.
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