Mass of St. John the Baptist J.E. Turner O.S.B
  • Hello. I am new here. Could someone kindly send me this music sheet. I need it very urgently. Thanks. If you have it please send on my email
  • CGM
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    Jeffrey Quick has the Turner Mass of St. Cecilia, and also the Turner Mass of the Good Shepherd, but I don't see the Mass of St. John the Baptist.
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    Edit: see chonak's disappointing results below.

    Original: Depending on your urgency and budget, you might consider subscribing to Scribd and accessing the Mass here.
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    I have it, along with many other similar ones, but it is in my office at the cathedral which is currently closed due to Scottish lockdown. How soon do you need it? I could phone up and ask to get it.
  • chonakchonak
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    I downloaded that Scribd document and found that it only contains Turner's "Good Shepherd" Mass.
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    I have an extra copy of Turner's Mass of St. John the Baptist SATB. If you PM your address, I will mail it to you. Due to the pandemic, I do not have access to a multi-page scanner; otherwise, I would scan it for you.
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    Oldhymns' offer would be much quicker to arrive than anything I could do. I hope to put a few more of these Masses on cpdl in due course, they are well worth getting to know.
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    Viola--what is cpdl? I'd like to check it out and perhaps post some Masses there also. Thanks.
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  • Choral Public Domain Library, found at
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