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  • On the whole, a very impressive list.
    I shall order a copy today.
    The tunes were not listed with the titles - so...
    I'm hoping that 'Lord, Enthroned in Heav'nly Splendour' is paired with Bryn Calfaria,, and that 'Ye Who Own the Faith of Jesus' is paired with the magnificent Den des Vaters Sinn geboren, as at no. 218 in The English Hymnal. I do regret that the hymns appear, apparently, in alphabetical rather than seasonal order. This makes researching seasonal hymns somewhat painstaking. Still, I am very impressed with most of the contents.

    A fine work indeed, Noel!
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  • Many thanks!

    The decision to make it alphabetical was to facilitate the discovery of unfamiliar hymns that, if "buried" in a topic grouping, might never see the light of day otherwise.

    The Topic guide will be online shortly at for use.
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  • Have I mentioned that it is FREE as a PDF with full permissions to copy, share AND podcast and or stream with full permission from us with no fee.

    All of the music at is covered by that umbrella.
  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    Some very nice hymns. There is nice mix of traditional and devotional hymns. I didn't care for the word changes in "Bring Flowers of the Rarest" though. Otherwise, you were pretty faithful to the original text on many of the hymns which was very much appreciated. I learned many of these hymns with different harmonies but I guess that's okay. I question if "Abide With Me" is really a Catholic hymn? I guess it ranks up there with "Nearer My God to Thee". All in all a great job!

  • I’ll order mine right now. Well done
  • So far, I like what I see. This is definitely worth checking out. I’m very glad I ordered it. Again, we’ll done!
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  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    Noel, I tried to send you a pm, but it gave me an error about selecting a recipient. Anyway,

    I was looking through the Catholic Hymns hymnal pdf, and hymn #291 has a spelling error in the first verse. "bea-ty" and I think it should be "beau-ty"?
  • marymezzomarymezzo
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    Whoops. Don, I'll make sure Noel sees this.
  • Thank you, Don9of11!

    We had a large group of proofreaders - who did a magnificent job and we cannot thank them enough.

    We reward those, like Don, who are kind enough to contact us and, in response if he sends me his email address, he gets a free book of his choice emailed to him from - Ted have a look and email me at

    A proof reading joke:

    "It says on your job application, you're a prefectionist?"

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    There was a girl with a beau named Ty. When he put on his beau ty (bow tie), she beamed like a beauty.

    P.S. It's well known that I never make misteaks.