Looking for a resource that gives dates for specific Gregorian Chant hymns/melodies.
  • Moses
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    I am looking for a resource - book, website, pdf, etc that would provide a list of dates, showing when specific hymns/melodies were composed. Any suggestions?
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  • chonakchonak
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    A couple of books available from CMAA can provide info about the history of hymns and other chants:

    Britt's "Hymns of the Breviary and Missal"
    Johner's "Chants of the Roman Gradual"

    They're both available as PDF downloads from our website's resource page, and
    also in print through the CMAA shop.
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  • tomjaw
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    Cantus Selecti from pg 297

    Hymns of the Roman Liturgy, Connelly
    Also scanned by ccwatershed...

    Dominican Hymns,
    https://www.opne.org/Library/Music/Hymns of the Dominican Missal and Breviary.pdf

    Hymnology, Julian

    The Analecta Hymnica, but you have 55 Volumes to search without an overall index (well you can pay for access)

    The Dominican melodies are dated on this archive of a very useful website,
    N.B. it can take time for the image files to load!

    Cantus Database may also help...
  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    There are two books by J. Vincent Higginson both were published by The Hymn Society of America that deal specifically with the history of hymns and hymnals (1850-1950). They are available through eBay, Amazon and hard to find online book stores such as AbeBooks. "History of American Catholic Hymnals-Survey and Background" pub. 1982 and "Handbook for American Catholic Hymnals" pub. 1976.

    Also "Daniels Hymnologicus Thesaurus"

    Another is "Annotations of the Hymnal"

    And "The Caecilia" magazines on the CMAA website. They are a great resource.
  • Hymns of the Roman Liturgy by Fr. Joseph Connelly.

    Brightest and Best Fr. George Rutler
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  • Moses
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    Thank you, dear brothers! These are exactly what I was hoping to find. What a wealth of knowledge! Thank you.

    Now I wish you all a most Blessed and Peaceful Easter! Alleluia!
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  • Jeffrey MorseJeffrey Morse
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    For the proper of the Mass, the GRADUALE TRIPLEX gives a list of the oldest manuscripts that a particular chant is found in. Though, of course this is only when it was written down, not how old any given chant actually is, but one can get an idea based on this information of the oldest layer of the Chant
  • madorganist
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    The index of the Liber hymnarius (Solesmes) lists the century of composition and author if known.
  • toddevoss
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    Do any of the sources listed provide approximate dates of composition of the 18 settings of the Mass ordinaries? I tried but couldn't find them. I don't think the Gradual Triplex was in the resource page
  • chonakchonak
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    The Triplex is under copyright, so it's not going to be on-line any time soon. And it doesn't show manuscript neumes for the Mass Ordinary anyway, but the 1974 GR does give a century indication for most of the chants.
  • madorganist
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    If I'm not mistaken, the Liber, Gregorian Missal, and all editions of the Graduale all have century indications for the Kyriale. Those refer to the manuscripts from which the chants were taken, not necessarily the date of composition. If you want the adiastematic neumes, go here (work in progress).
  • Many thanks for that, Mad - I've often wanted reference to the adiastematic neumes of the ordinaries. One would think (in vain) to find them in Graduale Triplex!
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