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  • Are there hard copies of the 1965 Roman Missal available for purchase? Where can I buy one? I appreciate the online version, but would love to have a actual book in my hands. Thank you.
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    IIRC, there was no typical altar edition as such. The next typical edition to follow the 1962 Roman Missal was the first typical edition of the conciliar form of Roman Missal in 1970, followed by the 2nd and 3rd typical editions thereof.

    There were a number of published instructions issued from 1964-67, and publishers crafted non-typical editions with those in mind and then sought local ecclesiastical approval (the diva Imprima Donnatest and her accompanist, Neal Obstat). And hand missals from that period that were not comprehensive altar missals (my First Communion "hand missal" - albeit without propers - is of this interim period - IIRC, the 1968 Regina Press Children's Mass Book).
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    Hand missals from the era are not hard to find, such as this St Paul Daily Missal being offered for sale on-line. (This one seems overpriced to me.)

  • The one I am after was presented online at: (minus Elvis) ... and

    This is the one I am after. Is this the same as the St. Paul Daily Missal 1966? Or is it found somewhere else?
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    There may be proper altar missals available, this is probably not the final end of 1965 version. The hand missals, which are fairly widely available on ebay, will generally only give the English, and the rubrics may be incomplete.
    I think the Latin texts of the above version will not have changed subsequently, but English texts were revised until some point in 1965, and the rubrics were changed further in 1967.
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  • Check eBay, where an altar missal (probably in effect for a very short time...things kept changing) might be found. It's a Sacramentary; the readings were in a separate Lectionary. I used to have the Sacramentary but gave it away, I think. Some of my earliest church memories were at Mass holding my brown St Joseph Sunday Missal & Hymnal...then on the eve of the First Sunday of Advent in 1969, everything changed a lot (Monthly Missalette, Father started using a rather bad wireless microphone...)