About the Asperges...
  • I always relish weekday feasts with full ceremonies in the Extraordinary Form, in no small part because the Introit may be sung as the Processional, since there is no Asperges to contend with.

    Does anyone else feel that, with the Asperges in place at Sunday Mass, de rigueur it seems, the opening of the liturgy just becomes kind of inelegant and cramped?

    We had so much room to breathe this morning between the Introit and the Kyrie. I just let the silence fill the room and basked in it. I wish that was something that could be duplicated on Sundays.

    Anyone have a solution?
  • Have two sung Masses.
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  • Not possible, I'm afraid...

    Also, at one of them you would still have the same problem. I'd very much like to solve it at both.
  • Acquire a patient priest.
    Find short settings of things.
    Recto tono.
    Speak with your pastor about this question -- since he may be unaware of the problem.
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    Isn't it true that the Asperges (Vidi Aquam in T.P.) is only required at the principal Mass of the parish? That probably allows most pastors to treat the Asperges as optional.
  • Chonak,

    Except in the United States of America, a High or Solemn High Mass would be the principal Mass of the parish on any given day, and Low Masses (however numerous) would not be. Unless one has more than one sung Mass, I don't see how your thought process works.
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    Many EF Masses in parishes are not mandated by the bishop as part of the parish's public ministry, but are a voluntary addition to that ministry. I haven't consulted any experts on this, but I doubt that such a Mass can be designated as the parish's principal Mass.
  • Chonak,

    Much clearer. Thank you.