Receive In Your Heart ... Elinor Di Falco (c. 1971)
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    Does anyone know anything about this song, "Receive in Your Heart," Elinor Di Falco? I have a copy but not sure how it was really used in the Mass, if at all. Thanks, Bob
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    It’s John Calvin’s favorite.
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    It appears that Mrs. DiFalco was a member of a parish in Scottsdale and died in 2006.

    A little information is at Hymnary.
    Based on the song's style and its 1971 publication, I guess that it would have been popular in charismatic groups.

    The song is listed in the index of a WLP accompaniment book ("We Celebrate", maybe?):
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    Here are the lyrics.

    And here's verse 2, which doesn't seem to make sense: how are people supposed to make the Blood of Christ "glow"?

    2. The Body of Christ is offered for you, receive him in your heart.
    The Blood of Christ is given too, receive him in your heart.
    Make it grow in you and me; make it glow for all to see.
    Take his word to all the world, it is in your heart.

  • Lagunaredbob,

    Based solely on Chonak's posting, I hope it has never been used at Mass, nor never will be. In line 3, "it" could refer to "your heart", but that makes no sense, and it could refer to "The Blood of Christ", but I can't see how we can make the Blood of Christ grow in you and in me. Texts that make no sense shouldn't, as a rule, be programmed for Mass.
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    Well, I was concerned when it surfaced ... thank you all for the feedback ... I've found a lovely spot for it as wall paper in the barn. Cheers, bob
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    I actually remember singing this in the choir many years ago either Offertory or Communion. Like many hymns from the 70's and perhaps even today, there isn't much thought employed as to whether the text is suitable for the Liturgy.
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