Call out for Catholic Satire - including a sacred music component.
  • JesJes
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    A wonderful person once had a conversation with me which circled around the possibility of creating a Catholic Satire group to make funny YouTube videos which discuss some of the things we experience using St. Phillip Neri's approach - humour - to teach the faith.
    I've a personal like for acting as particular characters.
    I'm sure there are others who would enjoy this.
    My fabulous friend and I really have quite enjoyed reenacting the pontifical council of cultures call to women video. (My profile pic is related hehe).
    I dunno whether he's still keen to do this.
    But I'm most keen to make videos which celebrate our variety of amusing experiences and mental notes taken in our sacred music experience.

    Maybe you have a cantor that waves their hand in a circle at the lecture like the queen waves from a carriage.
    Or maybe you have a soprano who is really an alto refusing to call herself an alto.
    Or maybe the organist plays an introduction so wild it could be the start of a children's TV show.
    Or maybe there is the uncoordinated liturgical dancer who attempts to do a cartweel into the votive candles.
    Or maybe you really dislike a particular (shouldn't be called a) hymn to which you've rewritten the words (clean and not disrespectful of course.)

    Or on a more serious note maybe you wish to make a statement to the world about ethics and morality and there is a funny way to teach people this.
    Or maybe you have an idea as an apologetic to fight against the falsehood of atheism.

    Do you think there might be enjoyment to be had from this?