Help! In need of PowerPoint for Mass VIII (Latin Version), esp. Gloria.
  • Does anyone have something like this OR any suggestions on where I can find this PowerPoint file? My parish needs the PowerPoint aid of the Gloria, either in standard or Gregorian notation. They are new to it, as is my choir.

  • Jon,

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Do you mean that you need a Power point presentation for the music and words of Mass VIII or an explanation, i.e., a teaching tool?
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    If you want it in standard notation, there are image files (in a variety of formats) available from OneLicense. Just paste these as images into your PowerPoint presentation, and there you go.

    I don't have any of them at hand, but I'm certain there are many free-to-use images of Mass VIII in Gregorian notation, and you would paste them into PowerPoint in the same manner.
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    Here's an image of the whole Gloria:

    I broke it up into three-line blocks, which you can paste into blank slides. Hope this helps.

    430 x 240 - 16K
    430 x 245 - 15K
    430 x 251 - 15K
    430 x 244 - 15K
    430 x 157 - 11K
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    Were you able to make up the presentation that you need, @JonDeuling?
  • @chonak and all: thank you very much! I'm new to this forum, so forgive me if I'm not posting this correctly. Frankly, I feel it would be more correct if I could post a response to each of your individual contributions, such as what I do on Facebook, EG... is this possible here?

    Anyways, I was not able to make up the presentation for a few reasons. Mostly due to the notifications not reaching my email inbox. I have just changed my Notification Preferences, however, such that this will not be an issue any longer.

    Now... @chonak: your images are nearly perfect. Now I need to go one step further. I need the English translation somewhere on the same images. Ideally, the English could be underneath the Latin. But a concern in all of this is the following: Each PowerPoint slide must contain minimal information (words, notes, etc) such that we can zoom in and see the slide better.

    ALSO: my pastor wants to do the Missa Simplex instead of Mass VIII.

    Over to you. I'm inspired, by the way, at the time that you lovers of Sacred Music give to this movement. I feel very grateful to have found this community.

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    If you'd like, I can help you learn how to make up graphics like the above.

    For the Missa Simplex, it's possible to find a music score in a PDF file and turn it into an image file, so that you can paste it into a Powerpoint slide or a word-processing document.

    You can learn to break up a score line by line, if needed, and add English words below the sung text.

    I do most of my graphics editing with the free program "GIMP", so the process doesn't have to cost you anything out of pocket.

    Feel free to send me a note at if you'd like me to walk you through the process. We can probably work out a time for a web-chat to demonstrate the steps, if you haven't used an image editor.
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  • Jon -
    Is your parish projecting these images on a screen?
    If so, nice use of the current technology.
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    @chonak if you offered a workshop on how to do these graphics I'd pay to attend via skype :) I enjoy handwriting but it just doesn't look as good.
  • @mburrier: Yes

    @chonak: Thank you, but for now I think I have found what I need precisely from some resources my past choir has offered me.

    Question: why did the text box pop up saying "Here's a routine reminder: Be academic not acerbic." Was I or someone else being acerbic, or was it an automated system message?
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    For "routine", think random like the occasional tossing of a die.
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    The little exhortations are indeed randomized. If you refresh the browser page, you will probably get a different one.
  • Haha! Cool thanks!