Fleeing Florence to Nashville. Recommend church pls.
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    I might be in Nashville through Sunday. Please recommend a Mass with non-goofball liturgy. Thanks.
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    St. Mary's used to have a Latin Mass; does it still?
  • Church of the Assumption downtown has a EF mass on 8:30 on Sunday mornings. Don't know how often it is sung.
  • St Mary's has a schola for the '9am sung Solemn Mass'. Website doesn't mention Latin.
  • I go there (Church of the Assumption) once a month, but the TLM is permanently established there every Sunday. Propers and ordinaries are sung by a male and female vocalist. The congregation keeps up well, too!
  • Also, Fr. William Fitzgerald, O. Praem., who currently administers the parish, is a wonderful preacher and extraordinary man. (But he's from Australia so be prepared for the pronounced accent which is compounded by the reverberations through the church during the homily!)
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  • Church of the Assumption--yes, wonderful! Welcome to our beautiful state!
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