It's the annual time to consider a published hymnal for your parish.
  • It's the annual time to consider a published hymnal for your parish BEFORE the Pastor's phone starts ringing in June and some contracts for missallettes automatically renew.

    Start getting prices and get interest going in your parish.

    At Frog Music Press we are more than willing to talk with you. Telephone calls are welcome - 606 756 7979 or email us at

    There is sufficient time for us to organize and print a custom hymnal for you and have it in your hands before Advent.
  • ClergetKubiszClergetKubisz
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    The Graduale Romanum.
  • For some reason, I find it difficult to envision a misalette parish welcoming the Graduale Romanum.
  • So often, not knowing what resources the church has available allows the missalette publishers to continue their strongholds. Do those that publish parish hymnals have examples of what is possible to help guide those seeking?

  • Marc,

    Yes, but it's interesting that it is our experience that by the time a parish is ready to talk about a hymnal, they already know exactly what they want and what they do not want included.

    They know what their congregation will accept and what they will have to work to convince them to accept as well as what hymns are not going to be included.

    I'm sure that we may find a parish asking for advice, but it's not happened yet.
  • Thank you for your insights—very interesting.
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    Can hymns be engraved in four parts? Having grown up Protestant, it irks me to no end to have to Xerox hymns from another book week after week for the choir, plus tinker with whatever words assorted editors have changed. Nothing is lost by printing the pew edition in 4 parts...those who read can harmonize, those who don’t won’t care, and the curious kid who takes piano lessons can play them at home without coughing up $8637300 for the “accompaniment edition.”