Sometimes I forget to practice for weddings...
  • CharlesW
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    I love this. I sent a link sometime back to a friend so he could hear it. He said it sounded like an elderly local organist who should have had the wisdom to quit playing. :-)
  • eft94530eft94530
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    Is there some hymn text that can be paired
    with the Mendelssohn wedding march
    so this could be used as a final verse free harmonisation?
  • Was is Mozart or Haydn (as did some others, I think) who wrote music that was off-key and had wrong notes in imitation of a clutzy village ensemble?
  • Liam
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    Mozart: Ein musikalischer Spaß, K.522. Famous horn piece.
  • Liam
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    From the poster of that video: "...the horns alone conclude in the tonic key [of F major]. The lower strings behave as if the tonic has become B-flat, while the violins and violas switch to G major, A major and E-flat major, respectively."