Nova Organi Harmonia (NOH) is now instantly available for free
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    How would you like 2,700 free pages of AMAZING Gregorian chant accompaniments for . . . free?

    Here it is

    If you like what you download PLEASE consider donating $2 or $3 to the cause. I am begging you to do this.

    Instructions for donations are in the front of the books.

    By the way, the books have 1-2 small typos in them I need to correct, and my friend is finishing up the cover for Volume 8, but (otherwise) everything is completely set and ready for people to use and enjoy!

    In Christ,

  • This is astounding. Congratulations!
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    Am eagerly downloading now. May I ask how this compares to this "Graduale Romanum Organ Accompaniment" series?
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    My gosh, this is cool. Donation gladly made (albeit a necessarily small one, for now). Thank you, Jeff.
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    Is there, or was there ever, a Volume Six? Just curious. (I've got plenty of stuff to keep me busy here for a long, long time!)
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    Hi, Mark. M.

    Please read THIS to find out the NOH compares to the book you cite. That book series was done by Ferdinand Potier, and his work is practically identical to the Bragers/Potiron/Bas/Desrocquettes/Manzetti school of accompaniment.

    Also, we don't have Volume 6 --- no one seems to have it. It contains special Propers for Belgium, so it wouldn't be useful anyway, really, but I would love to see it.
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    Thanks for your response, Jeff. And I must say that the scholarship that undergirds your effort is very heartening… kudos to you!

    This will be very useful to my work as a "schola of one" in my parish. I'll look forward to others joining me someday, but until then, having organ accompaniment prevents the propers from seeming like the "Mark M. show." I've recently been using Fr. Samuel Weber's Simplex-derived English propers (with organ accompaniment), but now I can do the "real thing," accompanied, from the Gregorian Missal! (And if I still feel the need to stay in English, Dr. Ford's "American Gradual" is available to me, too!)

    Ah, the internet. And blessings to all of you!
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    Mark, blessings to YOU. Never give up! I think we are in a very hard profession, but thanks to the current Pope, we can feel great strength.
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    Okay… perhaps the solution is obvious to someone here: In Volume Two, "DOMINICA XXll.POST PENTECOSTEN" (page 250, or page 282 of the PDF) seems to correspond to the 28th Sunday OT in my Gregorian Missal. The very next Sunday, DOMINICA XXlll.POST PENTECOSTEN" (page 255/287) has the music for what I see as the 33rd Sunday OT. What gives?
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    Mark - these are for the old calendar, Sundays after Pentecost.
  • Mark. There are significant differences in the two usages. Your best solution will be to compare the current Graduale Romanum to the Liber Usualis. Look up the Latin incipit of the current Proper in the appendix of the Liber. You will probably need to do this for each part of the Proper rather than take for granted that the Propers were kept together. Also, be aware that extra Sundays after both Epiphany and Pentecost repeated the Propers even though the Readings were different. A pew edition of the 1962 Missal will have a table showing these cross-references at the end of the Sundays after Pentecost.

    Jeff, maybe we should look into putting together a cross-reference to the 1974 GR, and include it in the Contents of our NOH online?
  • Thanks again Jeff. We'll be using organ accompaniments from this book for the hymn, Magnificat and final Marian antiphon when we do Vespers in December for IC.
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    just F.Y.I., I harmonized a Magnificat here:

    Please chek it out, in your charity!
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    Steve is correct: the best thing to do is download the Liber or 1961 Graduale from and FALL IN LOVE with the index (but beware: there are SEVERAL different indexes: make sure you find the right one!)
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    Very good, Gavin, Steve and Jeff… thanks. I've got the resources you mentioned in electronic format, and will consult them as you recommended.

    I've got a few small questions here, and would appreciate any further help:

    (1) For the introits, are there NOH accompaniments for the Gloria Patris, and where might I find them? (And by the way, are the Gloria Patris included anywhere in the Gregorian Missal?)

    (2) Not directly related to the NOH, but: Am I correct in assuming that the Offertory is sung as an antiphon -- melody, verse, melody? If so, where is/are the verse(s) to be found? I usually see them indicated in Fr. Weber's English propers, and I know Richard Rice has offered something recently on this. But I don't think I see any indication of them even in the Graduale Romanum.

    (3) Also not directly related to the NOH: What's in the Graduale Romanum (1974) that's missing in the Gregorian Missal?

    Thanks again!
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    For (2), for the ornate Offertory verses, you need another book, the Offertoriale Triplex.

    For (3), I think the GM is limited to Sundays and solemnities, whereas the GR includes feasts, memorials, and votives.
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    Hi, Mark M.

    (1) The Gloria Patri accompaniments are written in to each and every Introit in the NOH (amazing, eh?)

    (2) A long time ago, there were verses to the Offertory (a type of remnant of this exists for the Requiem Mass) --- that is why you find verses to the Offertory in, for example, Finn Hansen's transcription of Montpellier H. 159 --- Carl Ott published these Offertory verses in 1935, and his edition became the "standard"

    (3) chonak is correct, I think ---- also, the GR has some other handy stuff, like the tones for Mass. But I love the Gregorian Missal !!!
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    By the way, the reason I sometimes "answer" questions that others have already answered is because I figure the more opinions that agree the better!

    I hope this is standard "forum" procedure.
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    Thanks again, chonak and Jeff… excellent. And yes, Jeff -- I see now the Gloria Patri accompaniments in the NOH. Amazing indeed! (I just wish the tones were in my Gregorian Missal, too.)

    I really appreciate the answers, duplicated or not! Sometimes I wish that there was a "sacred music 101" section for the forum. On the other hand, the Q&A exchange in the context of just the regular forum categories and threads helps me get enculturated to everything here.
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    Mark M, can you do me a favor?

    E-mail me at


  • Mark M., we are all beginners and each of us has massive gaps in our knowledge. There are truly no real experts as compared with the embedded knowledge of tradition. The lesson is that no one should be shy about asking any question about anything anytime. Someone on the forum might be able to point the way.
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    Jeffrey always makes me feel better about my ignorance and my attempts to reduce it. Often I'm intimidated by folks who practice their chironomy while shaving, speak learnedly about nuances of Solesmes and the Triplex, and have enough voices to sing 8-part polypony while my singers struggle with three and don't give a hoot about my directing. Then I remember that we're all on the same path - and God willing, we'll all arrive in the same fine place.

    Today is my birthday and I'd like to thank all the members of this forum who've helped make a difficult year one of extraordinary promise. We are a surprising community of learners.
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    Happy Birthday, Mary J. Have a great day!
  • whoo hoo happy BDAY!!! If you were at my parish, there would be a special time following communion in which we would all clap for you.
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    LOL - a nearby parish actually announces birthdays and sings "Happy BD to you" just before the Dismissal.

    Happy Birthday, MJ!!! My favorite harpist! (and the only one I know!
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    Happy birthday. Have just added your site to my daily read list. I am also an admirer of Eikona.
  • Happy Birthday, MJ! I can't help but hear a harp glissando before the tune begins in your case!
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    Thank you for the gift of the NOH! It is wonderful!

    I am wondering if there accompaniment to the basic psalm tones in it? I noticed this file on the Chabanel Psalms Project site, but I am wondering if there is anything on-line that is slightly more compact or simplified? However, with all the different endings, it would be difficult to simplify it very much. Thank you in advance for any leads.
  • Ancilla.

    You can certainly find all of the Introit variants withing the Graduale portion of NOH. The other tones will be found throughout the Office volumes. One of my Finale projects (waiting for my spare time to actually become copious) is to put them all together in that form. Of course, NOH actually makes harmonic modifications per verse!
  • Back when I was just learning about chant and the pros and cons of organ accompaniment, I purchase two books of the NOH from a German bookseller... pars I and pars II. How wonderful that the entire collection is available! I also have the three-book collection that go along with the Graduale Romanum. Although our little schola sings without accompaniment, they may come in handy someday...
  • I'll try to look inside later -- didn't want to muddy up the download traffic... but mine appear to have a different cover, so maybe are a different edition? The letter inside from the Archbishop is dated 18 May 1942.
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    Dear Janetgorbitz,

    We are MISSING a page from Volume 1

    Is there any way you could supply it? That would be SO AWESOME.

    Please E-mail me

    [ Again, Jeffrey and Aristotle, THANK YOU for this forum! ]
  • Ancilla: see this sites downloads " propers for the maa by Fr Rossini .
  • Jeff, I'd be happy to help... I'll email you.
  • Has page 348/349 from Volume 1 been found? That would be awesome (part of Sabbato sancto De Missa solemni Vigiliæ paschalis).
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    The link (above) to download the complete NOH was broken.

    it has now been fixed
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    I was so grateful to find the NOH online, but the last couple of days the link has not worked. Will they be available again soon? Thanks!