Votive Mass to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Extraordinary Form
  • In short: HELP!

    I don't have access to most of the material needed for this, I am unfamiliar with the collections of chant pertaining to the extraordinary form, and I've been given this task to take care of.

    I need the propers, readings, etc and notes on what has to be done.

    99% of my work is in the Ordinary Form of the Liturgy, and 100% of my liturgical resources are geared towards this.
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  • The music and readings should all be available in the Liber Usualis. Have you downloaded the PDF from musicasacra.com?
  • Here are the propers for the schola [link]. The Mass itself is celebrated just like any other in the EF without Creed and of course without Asperges or Vidi aquam. The Celebrant follows the Missale (see p. [64] in this pdf), and the choir sings the ordinary, the propers, and responses. You will find English translations in a format that's relatively easy to follow in the chant book Mass and Vespers (pdf here) starting at pgs. 1736 & 831.
  • This congregation sheet may help, it is designed to have as many options as possible. As you can see the texts will change with the seasons. When is your Mass?


    The music you will be able to find in the Graduale 1962 / Liber Usualis 1962 downloadable from the Musica Sacra website: http://musicasacra.com/communio/

    The Readings to be sung by the Priest can be found here, but most priests will not need these:

    Recording of the chant will hopefully be found here the next one to be uploaded should be the Sacred Heart:
  • The Mass will be on July 5th - so in Ordinary Time.

    Unfortunately I am still ignorant of many aspects of the EF mass, so it will take time for me to adapt and learn. I'll be asking lots of questions and beseeching aid from those wiser than me in these matters!
  • Okay, I know that the Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory and Communion are always sung, but is the Tract compulsory?

    In the case of the Alleluia, I may use the Tone VIII melismatic one from the PBC, with it's attendant psalm tone just to simplify things a little. I feel that it is better to do something simple well than it is to attempt the difficult and do a poor job of it.

    Also, with the Communion, I take it that verses from Psalm 33 (Benedicam Dominum) should be chanted in the matching Psalm Tone?

    Is there a Gloria prescribed for this mass?
  • Okay, I know that the Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory and Communion are always sung, but is the Tract compulsory?

    The Tract substitutes for the Alleluia during Septuagesima and Lent. If your Mass is in the time after Pentecost, then you won't do the Tract.

    Is there a Gloria prescribed for this mass?

    Yes, a first Friday Votive Mass for the Sacred Heart is a Third Class Votive Mass, which has a Gloria, but no Creed, and uses the Solemn tone.

    Note that the Mass is limited to "churches and oratories where special exercises of devotion in honour of the Sacred Heart are held on that day". (R.G. 385b)

    (Edited to correct wording per Adam below, Doh!)
  • The Tract substitutes for the Gradual during Lent.

    I thought Tract substituted for the Alleluia during Lent.

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  • Correction to above...

    The Introit, Offertory and Communion are always sung apart from odd occasions.

    Before Septuagesima and after Pentecost, the Gradual and Alleluia are sung.
    During Septuagesima and Lent, Gradual and Tract are sung.
    In Eastertide First and Second Alleluia.

    There are also Sequences to be added on the respective Feasts, but this does not apply to the above feast.

    As your Mass is in the time after Pentecost you will sing the Gradual and Alleluia. Also Note this Votive Mass has a choice of Offertory chants depending on the time of year, since this will not be in Eastertide you will sing "Improperium..."

    The Alleluia you sing must use the following text...
    "Allelúia, allelúia. ℣. Tóllite jugum meum super vos et díscite a me, quia mitis sum et húmilis Corde, et inveniétis réquiem animábus vestris. Allelúia."

    A simplified Gradual and Alleluia can be found in "Chants abreges" as found in the list of .pdf books on the Musica Sacra website.
    Communion (and introit) verses can be found in the "Psalmorum"

  • One of my favorite resources is Richard Rice's "Simplified Graduale" for the 1962 Missal. They are much more "true" to the orignal chants than the Chants Abreges. To steal Jeffery Tucker's description:

    "He has simplified the major propers between the readings, making them easier to sing while retaining crucial features of the authentic chants, such as the Jubilus (ending melisma) in the Alleluia. "

    I often use these when the full version of the Gradual and Alleluia will take longer than my priest will allow, but I want something more authentic than the Rossini propers or Chants Abreges.

    You can download it here: http://musicasacra.com/books/simplifiedgraduale1962.pdf
    I believe page 54 contains the Gradual / Alleluia you need.
  • jczarn - thanks. For the Alleluia I think I'll stick with my plan to use the Tone 8 Melismatic tone from the PBC, but the gradual is one I think I'll use from this resource.

    I'd rather not have to resort to Psalm-Tone propers, but I'll have to have a set ready just in case it turns out that the choristers that I have on the day are not up to it.
  • Can anyone identify the hymn tune for this setting of "O Sacred Heart" ?

  • hartleymartin, the music is on p. 87 of The Westminster Hymnal. It would appear that Terry (who edited the hymnal and is listed in the index as the composer of this unnamed tune) composed the music specifically for this text. Nice find.
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  • Yes, it sounds like a nice hymn-tune and I'd like to add it to my collection of music. It would be suitable for both the Feast of the Sacred Heart and Friday Votive Masses of the Sacred Heart.
  • I thought Tract substituted for the Alleluia during Lent.

    Duh, yes.
  • "It would be suitable for both the Feast of the Sacred Heart and Friday Votive Masses of the Sacred Heart."
    But not of course at Mass in the EF. Benediction, maybe.
  • Well, if it was a Low Mass in the EF with vernacular hymnody!
  • Or as a recessional, after the dismissal!