Ambrosian psalm tones
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    Does anyone know where I might find these?

    Also, does Milan have an equivalent of our Ordo Cantus Missae?
  • I too have desired to see these for some time.
    I have been told that they were equal or better than the typical gregorian tones, which is fascinating possibility. It's frustrating that the ambrosian office books difficult to find.
  • Here is in square neumes, a 12th century Ambrosian Antiphonary and Tonale transcribed from the original manuscripts.

    Antiphonarium Ambrosianum of the British Museum (XIIth century) Codex Additional 34209 – Transcription
    Antiphonarium Tonale Missarum (XIth century) Codex H. 159 of the Bibliothèque de l’Ecole de Médecine de Montpellier

    They are very interesting books I am going to have to examine these later!

    I see entire canticles, such as the Canticle of Moses (Tunc cantabat Moyses" notated fully with elaborate melodies. Quite unusual for western chant !

  • I hate to bump such an old thread but can't seem to find anything relevant. Has anyone come across the Ambrosian psalm tones?
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    You can find them in the Liber Vesperalis juxta ritum Sanctae Ecclesiae Mediolanensis, pp. 818-840. I advise you to read the introduction closely, because the system of psalm tones in the Ambrosian rite is quite different from the eight Gregorian modes.
  • I hate to be a pest - anyone know of a resource with these instructions in english? Similar to the Liber in english?