TLM 1941 Our Lady of Sorrows, Chicago w. play-by-play by Abp. Sheen
  • This may not be new to you, but is to me: an Easter mass video with a cast of thousands.The Ordinary setting (Mass of Christ the King by Rev. Edwin V. Hoover) is definitely a bit Hollywoodish. The Caruso wannabe in the tenor section is interesting too, and very different than anything I've experienced nowadays.
  • Mark P.
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    Although no masterpiece, the Mass by Father Hoover seems like a masterpiece compared to some of today's drivel.
  • Ah yes, back in the days where ability to project the voice was valued more than being able to tap a microphone and saying, "Is it on? Is it on?" and and to raise the arm/s to indicate when to sing since the organist, who knew how to play an introduction that tells when to sing, was replaced by uneducated players of guitars and...bongos.
  • Mark: There's more skill in it, to be sure. But there's an element of taste involved that stands in a direct line to today,