online recordings of all chanted offices?
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    I sometimes recite the Liturgy of the hours to myself in English, but I would like to learn how to chant the offices by listening and chanting along with a recording every day, not just by reading about it. Does anyone know of an online resources where I can listen to and pray along with a chanted version of the offices, particularly Lauds, Vespers and Compline, in English and/or Latin with side by side English translation? I've browsed the forum a bit but haven't yet found such a resource - does it exist? Thank you
  • I don't know of such a resource (which would be very welcome indeed!). All I know is the daily broadcasting by Vatican Radio of Lauds, Vespers and Compline in Latin and with Gregorian chant.
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    Compline and Lauds were done at the 2010 Colloquium, and I captured recordings of most of them. They gradually migrated from English to Latin over the course of the week.

    This has given me basically everything I know on the topic, as I have little chance to experience either outside the Colloquium.

  • Carl, these are great!
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    Thank you all