Sacerdote ofrece salmos cantados para nuevo año litúrgic
  • Sacerdote ofrece salmos cantados para nuevo año litúrgico

    BUENOS AIRES, 12 de Nov. ( Al iniciarse en este mes de noviembre el nuevo año litúrgico el padre José Bevilacqua, licenciado en música sacra, ha colocado en su página web ( una nueva versión 2011 de los Salmos Responsoriales dominicales y festivos, con las antífonas del leccionario oficial, que corresponden al ciclo A.

    Con el fin de ayudar a los responsables de la música y el canto en las celebraciones litúrgicas, el sacerdote presenta las antífonas de los salmos acompañadas al órgano y tonos de guitarra. También presenta 41 cantos del Aleluya y aclamaciones para el tiempo de Cuaresma.

    En este sitio digital los músicos y servidores del canto encontrarán los cuadernos con los Salmos de los ciclos B y C de 150 páginas cada uno, que pueden imprimirse para ser cantados.
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    (Not everybody reads Spanish, so here's my attempt to translate Frogman's find.... I think "canto" means chant in this context, but I might be wrong. Also, "servidores" isn't the usual word for minister that I've seen, so it really might mean "servant" or similar. "Cuaderno" usually means a spiral notebook, but I guess not here.)


    Priest offers sung psalms for the new liturgical year

    BUENOS AIRES, Nov. 12 ( At the beginning of the new liturgical year in this month of November, Fr. Jose Bevilacqua, licensed in sacred music, has put up on his webpage ( a new 2011 version of the Sunday and Holy Day responsorial psalms, with the the official lectionary antiphons, that correspond to Cycle A.

    With the goal of helping those responsible for music and chant in liturgical celebrations, the priest presents the psalm antiphons accompanied with organ and guitar chords. Also, he presents 41 chants of Alleluia and acclamations for the season of Lent.

    On this digital site, musicians and ministers of chant will find books with the Psalms of Cycles B and C, each one 150 pages, which they can print out to learn to sing them.


    This guy's site has some mp3s on it, btw. One of them is of his schola from 1973. Sigh... the road not taken.
  • If you download google's CHROME browser - (free for any platform) it will offer to translate any web page you find and in addition google itself will translate anything you want to translate, very useful tools today.

    If we are interested in attracting Spanish-speaking musicians, it would be most advantageous for all the postings here to be in Spanish as much as possible, followed by translations when appropriate.
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    Wow! This is a great resource!
    I have recommended the musicasacra forum to lots of my friends down here in Mexico. Most of them do read English, but the posts in Spanish are also helpful, especially if the article was originally written in Spanish.