2010 Colloquium recordings
  • I've been able to make substantial progress on the Colloquium recordings at music.dierschow.com/2010Colloquium. So far I have archived:
    - 3 Masses
    - The evening lectures (except one that I missed)
    - Isabelle's wonderful organ recital
    - Morning and Evening prayers (except a couple I missed)
    - Adam's recordings of the fabulous Kirby breakout sessions
    - Selected contributed recordings of practices

    A few people have helped me correct errors that crept into this process, so please let me know if you see anything that needs to be fixed!

    I'm also looking for people who have the recordings that I missed. I still need to process the recordings of the other Masses, Vespers, and the New Compositions. And Sunday Lauds.

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  • thank you so much! this is wonderful! At the moment I'm writing a bulletin article for my parish, and am going to direct them to your website so the people can hear a little bit of what we experienced!
  • I've added two more Masses to the list of recordings. Hoping to get to the Sunday Mass soon, and I'm waiting to get a copy of the Vespers recording.

  • This is very kind of you Carl to post these recordings. It helps me re-live it over again.
  • Carl, I'm so very grateful that you have made these recordings available and so easy to navigate on your web page. May these recordings be freely distributed and broadcast (with proper credit given, of course)? I'm hoping that some of these audio recordings will transmit well to radio... I'd love to hear which tracks you (or others) think came out best (with regard to audio quality more than anything else).
  • I've now posted the recordings from the Sunday Mass, including the Schubert Mass in G and Locus Iste. What a wonderful experience that brings me back to!


  • Carl, thanks SO much!
  • Thank you so much! Now my children can get a better idea of "where I've last week!"
  • These recordings are offered freely with no restrictions on use, unless otherwise noted. I've found that the recordings of the Mass generally got better as the week went on, the earlier ones have quite a bit of background noise due to the fans in the church. But it really does depend on what kind of thing you're looking for - some songs came out less distinct because the choir was further away and you only hear it echoing.
  • I've now added the recordings of the Vespers service, my personal favorite. Unfortunately my batteries died after 45 minutes, and I'm still looking to get the other recording of that.


  • O Crux! It's here!
  • definitely my favorite.
  • Thank you Carl - Now I can start burning and handing out cd's!
    Next year my whole Schola must come to the Colloquium...
  • Well, I finally had a chance to extract the wonderful songs from the New Compositions session. Most of them are marked "Not free to copy music" because I haven't heard back from the composers that it's OK. I'll change the notation if I hear differently.

    Notice that there's the recording of each song with commentary before and after, plus a recording of each song without the extra stuff.


    I am so encouraged by these wonderful composers we have in our midst! And not a little humbled.

  • I've been giving out CDs for a couple of days and hearing raves!
  • I have the ZIP files put together of all the MP3s, for those of you who would like to download a whole bunch of songs at once. Instructions are at:


    There's also instructions in there about how to find which song is which.

  • hey Carl
    Im so thankful you recorded the new music session although im filled with fear about listening to it.
    Please feel free to use my music at any time. In fact, I cant think of agreator honor then for any of you colloquiem types to want to sing anything I wrote.

    It truly was great to see you carl

    till next year
  • Oh, Carl, thank you, thank you for the recordings of the new compositions, and thank you for the time and care you put into editing them so nicely. Now I will be able to present Cardinal O'Malley a score *and* a recording of 200 of my closest friends singing it! :)

    My compositions may be freely copied and distributed.
  • olbash
    i didnt have a chance to tell you how much i enjoyed your piece. Cardinal O'Mally is fortunate...
  • Thank, gentlemen! I'll fix up the page.
  • Based on a request for the high quality recordings, I've created FLAC files of the music recordings. Instructions are on the page


    I also have the full unedited WAV files; please contact me if want to know where those are.

    At this point, this is pretty much complete - I'm just waiting for a few recordings that people promised. No doubt errors have crept into this; I'm indebted to the people who have pointed out a number so far. So please let me know if you see anything that needs to be fixed up.

  • Thanks, Carl, for producing the FLAC files.

    Readers who wish to make audio CDs from the recordings would do well to base them on the FLAC files, since they will have the full audio quality of the best recordings Carl has found and edited.

    On the other hand, if you're just going to play the audio through small speakers on a computer or on a portable MP3 player, then the MP3 files will be a good choice, and will take up less file space.

    Readers unfamiliar with FLAC format can find information about compatible software on the net. A list of player software is at the bottom of that page.
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    I can't really remember, but i think i was remiss in speaking to neither Michael nor Don after Saturday afternoon, yes indeed! well done!
    I was distracted, I was really overwhelmed by Prof Jenkins.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
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    And God bless Carl!

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
  • I hear ya G
    All the compositions were fantastic bar none! Yet, I didnt get to tell anyone else how wonderful their work was. Prof jenkins was amazing!!!!
    I second the blessing to Carl
    but also to you G!
    till next year
  • Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Jennifer Broeren, I have been able to complete the set of recordings for the Vespers service on Friday June 25th. Hurrah!

    If you'd like to grab the extra tracks, please go to the list of recordings.

    If you grabbed the ZIP files, feel free to download the new MP3 ZIP and the new FLAC ZIP. Geeky enough for you?

    As always, let me know if you see things that need to be fixed, or have other recordings to include in this archive.

  • Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!