Whitacre's Virtual Choir
  • Watching this project makes me appreciate actually interacting with my choir members a bit more.

    All the lonely people...where do they all come from. And are they busy on Sunday mornings?

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  • I attended a pre-New York/London version of his multi-media "opera" thingy about paradise lost down at one of the Cal State Univ's in LA (maybe Northridge...?) about a decade ago. Even then, his technological interests were state of the art, massive sequencing, hardware and monitors, and he still "conducted" the performance art as a "live event." But it was truly, to this audience member, antithetical to either a theater or choral performance, as it still seemed a contrivance. Perhaps subsequent revisions over the years have improved its appeal, there was a bit of a "rave" flavor to what I experienced. But very little "Whitacre" was evident to me in the work, by comparison to his "Water Night" or "Leonardo" harmonic lexicon.
    Cutting edge doesn't necessarily cut it every time. I'll pass, thank you.
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  • What if ... there were vitual chant choirs posted.
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