Last two issues of Sacred Music
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    • Volume 136.1, Spring 2009 (Saying and Singing, Mahrt; History of the Breviary, Andersen; Sung Readings, Thome; Prepare the Way, Sywulka; Let People Sing, Treacy; Pierre de la Rue, Mahrt; Homily at the Intensive, Wallace; Homily at Polyphony Weekend, March; What After Intensive? Oost-Zinner; Glory of Chant; Thomas; Three Paths, Tucker; Turning Point in Music, Tucker; News; English chant, Poterack)
    • Volume 135.4, Winter 2008 (The Sacred, Mahrt; Music as Integral to Liturgy, Lawrence; The Role of the Choir, Baker; The Lectern, Foldvary; Reading the Vatican Gradual, Ostrowki; Set the Propers, Esguerra; A Note on O Come, Berry; On Messaien, Ryan; The Theosis of Taverner, Snodgrass; Leisure and Liturgy, Cipolla; On Beauty, Johansen; On Schuler, Sanderson; Your Choir and History, Ballou; Heroism, Tucker; Education in Sacred Music, Poterack; News on Byrd and more)