grand piano question
  • We have a grand piano at our church. for others who do, during mass, do you lift the lid of the grand piano a little or the whole way, or nothing?? Thanks
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    How big is the church?
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    Depends on the sound in the room, but short stick at most should be all that is required. Depending on placement having the lid all the way up can unduly draw attention to the piano and obscure views. I avoid it when I can. (Also I avoid the whole piano thing altogether whenever I possibly can!)
  • We have several grand pianos at Walsingham. I am happy to report that they are not, nor ever will be, in the church. One, a Baldwin, is in the parish hall. The other, a new nine-foot Steinway, is in our new choir hall, which is in Elizabeth Ann Seton Hall, our new educational building.

    Quick answer -
    never higher than the lowest raised position.

    Explanatory answer -
    It always saddens me to see pianos in churches. I have a feeling that most here feel relatively close to my sentiments - so I mean no offense to mamaherrera or any other of our forumites who have to put up with them. So, for those who have to have grand pianos in their churches it seems to me that raising the lid to the lower position is the highest that it should ever be raised. I would never think of raising it the full height. That position is for maximum projection for solo or concerted music in large recital or concert halls, not for to accompany singers or people at worship. Even the looks of it raised on high draws attention to it and defines it as being of prime importance.
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    Also: flooring: carpets or wood or stone? But keep the lid down if you can, and save lid up for piano recitals.
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    Or, what Mr. Osborn said!
  • Carpets belong in churches to the same degree that botulism toxin belongs in a sterilized hospital ward.
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    In my church, which has stone surfaces and excellent acoustics for everything but the choir (!), we keep the lid down on the piano for when the choir is singing alone, and raise it to the first stick for when the congregation is singing.
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  • we have tile flooring and I thought too. . the lowest raised. I need the sound feedback myself just a bit so that I'm not overplaying/with my fingers, because I don't hear myself. so I will use the lowest stick with congregation. Thanks
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