Saint Cecilia Articulated Paper Doll
  • Liam
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    Is the neck perforated?
  • noel jones, aagonoel jones, aago
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    I think that comes only on the animated clock version.

    Of course, the exorcism doll is the one with the spinning head. Purchasers of that one have been disappointed when they find it doesn't speak but keeps saying "Who? Who?" - a close look proves that they are just recycled owl dolls.

    Note that this is a very early Cecilia as the keyboard and pipes show the very early layout of bass on the right and the highest pipes on the left.

    It eventually became obvious that saying, "go up the keyboard" to play the bass notes and "down the keyboard" to play higher pitches just didn't make sense.

    The proponent of this would have been heralded as the Shinichi Suzuki of the era, but that was long before Suzuki appeared on the scene.
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  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Maybe there's a second manual on the other side. A famous enthomusicologist who had better be nameless tried to make a point about cultural relativism by showing us a picture of a xylophonist with bass keys on his right. The class troublemaker asked how confident one could be about the orientation of the transparent slide.
  • francisfrancis
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    That version of the organ is the VII Portativ. One side for facing the priest and the other side for facing the people.
  • StimsonInRehabStimsonInRehab
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    I see the phrase "pious romance" in the description in the background. Pretty much sums up my relationship to St. Cici in two words.
  • JonLaird
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    The fact that is says "E (under D)" supports the idea that the pitch gets lower as you move to the right.

    I am not convinced, however, that anyone older than a toddler has fingers small enough to play that keyboard.
  • eft94530eft94530
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    Maybe there's a second manual on the other side.

    ... insert Far Side single panel comic here ...
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