Ecce Sacerdos Magnus
  • "Ecce Sacerdos Magnus" by Francesco Bianciardi

    "Ecce Sacerdos Magnus" by de Victoria

    I do not find them in CPDL; any idea where they might be available?

    many thanks!
  • CGM
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    Victoria is here
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    The Victoria not at CPDL? Hmmm ... What about this page at CPDL? (four editions). Also this page is linked to from the Victoria composer page at CPDL.

    You are right about the Bianciardi, though.

  • I did my CPDL search very late last night (after a day full of Confirmations), must not have done it correctly. thanks CGM and CHG, and apologies to everyone for bothering you.
  • Antonio
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    Be careful that there are two different chants beginning with the words "Ecce sacerdos magnus". One is 1st antiphon at 2nd Vespers for the Common of a Confessor Bishop (Liber Usualis, p. 1176). The other is the responsory for the solemn reception of a Bishop (ibid., p. 1841). Although seems not to be a huge fault to use the antiphon for the bishop procession, someone might call the pastor to decide about this liturgical peculiarity. Victoria, Perosi and Elgar composed music for the antiphon. For the responsory, one of the most famous compositions is that one composed by Maximilian Stadler. We have done in Brasilia, for a recent EF Pontifical Solemn Mass, a beautiful composition by a brazilian composer called Wilson Fonseca. If someone is interested, call me in private.
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  • Antonio
    yes yes, we have the responsory by Stadler.... it's OK but I can't escape feeling that the Bp has probably heard it 1001 times, and was wondering what else we might use. thanks for yr clarification
  • I have often thought that the simpler settings of this text, such as that of Perosi, are great pieces to use during Eastertide with the average Catholic parish choir
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    There's also the Singenberger, which is a suitably awesome-sounding piece.
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