Saint John the Baptist EF Mass
  • JesJes
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    My most recent polyphonic mass will be sung at this mass (instead of SAT I'm doing SMzA) and I'm very excited, thinking of doing an organum with my gals.

    I know Dr. Mahrt has done an organum for the Gradual (I'm hoping to ask his permission to use his Gradual) - should I do one that complements it for the Alleluia or should I do one for Offertory or Communio instead so that there is a healthy gap for the uneducated ear to catch up?
    The last thing I want to hear is "gosh that organum was too much!"

  • Organum on part of one chant is good, unless your congregation is already accustomed to chant/organum. I'd avoid introducing too much of it all at once.