If Ye Love Me (Tallis)-different voicings??
  • Heath
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    I have an SAB arrangement (GIA) from the late, great Richard Proulx with this note on the back:

    "Editions for four and even five voices are well known and a few versions for three voices appeared in both England and America..."

    Five voice "If Ye Love Me"?? Has anyone come across different variations of the piece and can point me in the right direction?
  • Liam
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    I haven't. If such a thing exists, I imagine it would be one of the following, depending on the key chosen:


    While the first would be more "classic" mid-16th century English, the second and third would likely be arrangements reflecting the supply of voices today...
  • Paul F. Ford
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    I have it in TTBB.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    CPDL's editions include the original in C (AATB or TTBB) as well as in E and F (SATB). And, of course, they are freely downloadable.
  • jefe
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    I've never seen a 5-part, even after exhausting pubished versions, Giffen's site, and IMSLP for examples. I can see the reason to do an SAB version, but going to five parts is just going to erase that Tallis genius straight away with excess baggage. Any great piece of music withstands transposition well. Less well endowed music does not. What I do know is I use the Chiavette concept going both ways: up a 4th for the Ladies and down a 2nd, 4th or 5th (or other interval) from SATB to the men with counter tenors. It all depends on the piece: where the extremes of the voices lay, and how that effects the overall tonal effectiveness. After trying the original C version of "If Ye" and finding it too low for my counter tenors, and the 'F' version too high for my C.T.'s I put it up a step and all is well. It was a good move as the piece is still rich but brighter, a nice compromise. Find my 'D' version below.
  • Heath
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    Thanks, as always, friends . . . I'm well aware of the variety of transpositions for the four-part original, and I was just hoping that someone had seen one of the "re-voicings" that Proulx speaks about. Ah, well.
  • tenortubby
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    Pretty sure there is an old edition that splits the top part into two near the end, presumably because the 2nd part (which goes above the top part) was thought too high for altos. Not seen a copy for years though!
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