Yesterday I Employed Glory & Praise for entire Liturgy
  • Andrew Malton
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    For a full range of options you also need Gather Comprehensive, and the choral edition of CBW III -- they are quite a bit thicker -- and (in Canada) we also have the very useful Celebrate In Song for micro adjustments -- it's less than 1cm thick.
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    That's clever, if derisively so, and hits a visceral mark. But it needs mention that said book(s) also contain sacred texts if not music. And there's a sort of poetic injustice in that the weight of one's posterior is nonetheless supported by that volume.
    Note in my avatar I'm holding a Triplex. What if that was employed in a similar fashion?
    Flame away.
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    I didn't know G&P was still around. We had it before my time there. I remember the then new pastor processing to the dumpster with all copies - done with great ceremony and proper liturgical action. ;-)
  • francisfrancis
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    it's all that was available and i could not bear to use the stack of LUs that were there
  • francisfrancis
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    the "weight" of disastrous content in those false hymnals (and they ARE a falicy to
    the sacred liturgy) and a travesty that has literally desecrated the faith, that I have had to carry for my entire career has been brought to its proper place.

    “Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies as a stool for your feet.”

    I understand your sentiment about the Word of God inside the book, but to place the Word of God along side the heresey that is promoted to the banal tunes that accompany such, well, that is the greater sacrilege if it could be expressed in that fashion.

    The proper end to the scourge of the likes of Glory and Praise would be a ceremonious burning of all since it does contain the WOG and should not be trashed like
    so many of the missalettes.

    Then again, these false books can be put to at least the good service of now supporting the organist and choirmasters who aspire to conduct authentic sacred music.
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  • eft94530eft94530
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    a ceremonious burning of all

    The bonfire remains would provide Ash Wednesday use of ash piles on the heads of penitents.
  • Bobby Bolin
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    As they rise again from ashes
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  • francisfrancis
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    If anything bad rises from those ashes I will be sitting there with a sling shot. Did I ever tell you about my contesting "song at the center" which aligns itself with Matthew Fox's creation spirituality? After my correspondence with a Cardinal and his recommendation to approach the publisher about my concerns, it was not included in the next revision of G&P, but I see that it has "arisen from the ashes once again".