Astronomy in chant
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    Today I looked through Musica Britanica 95, Sources of English Song and, having it mind to zip up to Oregon this August for the solar eclipse, I was struck by a couple of allusions: a hymn to John the Evangelist Quid tu vides Jeremia? has a verse "Haurit solemn cum senescit etas aquilarum/ hausto sole reflorescit ad fonts aquarum." (when the eagle's age advances it devours the sun; with the sun having been devoured it blooms again at the fountain of water). And the sequence Salve mater salvatoris calls Mary "Lux eclipsim nesciens" (a light knowing no eclipse).

    Does the mediaeval repertoire have other examples of this theme I'm overlooking?
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    other examples of this theme I'm overlooking?

    Cum luna in domo septima,
    et Iovis et Martis in linea,
    tum pax planetas reget
    et amor stellas advertet.
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    A different theme is common as well. The threefold created order consists of sea, earth, and sky.
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