Dom Paul Benoit's Music: Purchasing

  • Greetings!

    Recently I was watching Carson Cooman's youtube video of Dom Paul Benoit's work, Ite Missa Est.

    As a result of making an inquiry, Mr. Cooman kindly provided me with one way to purchase Benoit's work. In addition, he has given me permission to share this information with various discussion lists. I hope the following information from his recent e-mail will prove helpful, since I'm aware of the fact that some individuals would like to be able to purchase Dom Benoit's work.

    Mr. Cooman's e-mail is as follows:

    You are correct that the Abbey in Luxembourg publishes the Benoit
    volumes. However, ordering directly from them (especially from the USA)
    is difficult. The best way to do it is to write to Mr. Peter Van der
    Zwaag who runs Boeijenga Music in the Netherlands. You can write to
    Peter at:

    He'll send you the whole current Benoit publications list (which the
    Abbey puts out) of what volumes and CDs they have currently available,
    and then he'll be able to order them for you from the Abbey and then
    sell them to you easily (and ship to the USA, and you can pay with
    credit card.) Works easily that way. Peter/Boeijenga is one of the
    only places with a regular relationship with the Abbey, so it works out

    Best wishes,
    Carson Cooman


    Best wishes to all!
  • Felipe Gasper
    Posts: 723
    I ordered from the Abbey, and it was no trouble.
  • BethE
    Posts: 12
    I also just ordered directly from the abbey by emailing It was very simple with payment processed through paypal.
  • ghmus7
    Posts: 845
    Yes and it's good to remember that the small sales of his music is probably one of the few income sources the abbey has.