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    Not long ago, I was surfing youtube and came across Mr. Carson Cooman's video of Dom Paul Benoit's Ite Missa Est.

    As a result of my inquiry, Mr. Cooman has been kind enough to supply me with the following information giving one method to use to purchase Benoit's works.

    I'm very indebted to Mr. Cooman for being so kind enough to share this information with me.

    Moreover, Mr. Cooman has graciously given me permission to share this information with the list, since over the years I have become aware of the fact that there are some musicians who would like to obtain some of Benoit's organ compositions.

    Mr. Cooman's e-mail that he sent me is as follows:

    You are correct that the Abbey in Luxembourg publishes the Benoit
    volumes. However, ordering directly from them (especially from the USA)
    is difficult. The best way to do it is to write to Mr. Peter Van der
    Zwaag who runs Boeijenga Music in the Netherlands. You can write to
    Peter at: info@boeijengamusic.com

    He'll send you the whole current Benoit publications list (which the
    Abbey puts out) of what volumes and CDs they have currently available,
    and then he'll be able to order them for you from the Abbey and then
    sell them to you easily (and ship to the USA, and you can pay with
    credit card.) Works easily that way. Peter/Boeijenga is one of the
    only places with a regular relationship with the Abbey, so it works out

    Best wishes,
    Carson Cooman

    I hope the above information will be of help to some members on the list.
    Best wishes to all,

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