Looking for Processional Hymn suggestions for Paschaltide
  • Hello!

    I am searching for a processional hymn that can be sung during the rest of Paschaltide for Mass in EF. Can you help? We sang Salve Festa Dies on Easter Sunday. Thank you for your help!


  • tomjaw
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    I can't think of any other Processional Hymns for Easter, but there are plenty of Office Hymns,
    Hic est Dies (Ambrosian)
    Rex sempiterne Domine (Monastic Matins)
    Chorus novae Jerusalem (Roman-French)
    Jesu nostra Redemptio (Dominican)
    Ad cenam Agni Providi (Dominican)
    The Dominican hymns above, also used in the Roman Divine Office have been set as processional Hymns they can be found here, p35 (book) or p51 in pdf

    Or this,
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  • balaanghuni
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    What about "O filii et filiae"?
  • davido
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    In their English translations, o Filii et filiae and Finita iam sunt praelia are both presented as processional hymns in the English hymnal
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  • Kathy
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    English or Latin?

    At the Lamb's High Feast is great.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    The Vespers hymn (from Low Sunday to the Sunday before Ascension) Ad cenam Agni providi is the Ambrosian precursor to the rather brutally altered (mutilated?) 1632 revision by Pope Urban VIII, known presently as Ad regias Agni dapes in the present books (eg. LU). It was beautifully translated as "The Lamb's high banquet we await" by J. M. Neale, retaining the Long Metre (or L.M.D.) of the original. But its most popular translation today is "At the Lamb's High Feast we sing", albeit in 77. 77 D metre.

  • It has to be a Latin chant... Nothing in English and not polyphony, unfortunately... Thank you all for your suggestions!
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  • I think that the Honourable Chuck Giffen's suggestion is the best.
    By the way, I'm playing a recital at St Basil's Chapel, UST, on the 21st May which includes Jehan Titelouze's versets on Ad coenam Agni providi, with alteratim chant with a heavy XVIIth century French accent.

    Otherwise, my favourite Easter hymn is 'Jesus lives! Thy Terrors Now' sung to St Albinus and found at no. 88 in the 1940.
  • Hugh
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    ... MJO, often disastrously rendered as "Jesus Lives Thy Terrors Now". In the same vein as "My God I Love Thee Not" ... :-)
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  • chonakchonak
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    Exsultemus et laetemur (Cantus Selecti # 56)

    Once you have a few of these, it's OK to repeat. The old monastic office book says to sing "Ad coenam Agni providi" at Vespers on Low Sunday, and the next Sunday, and the next....

    Incidentally, I trust you know that someone is imposing an arbitrary restriction by forbidding everything but Latin chant.
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  • tomjaw
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    Incidentally, I trust you know that someone is imposing an arbitrary restriction by forbidding everything but Latin chant.

    Well it is the EF... I know we (they) could sing a processional and recessional in English (or any other language)... but otherwise any Hymn / Motet has to be Latin (De Sacra Musica, 1958). We are lucky that we can sing polyphony when we want. But a restriction just to sing chant hymns is not very restrictive... How many hymns are in the Analecta Hymnica? 1000+ and then all the later compositions, it will take decades to get to Lentini's confections even with singing two each Sunday.

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  • chonakchonak
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    So you get part of the point: music sung before the Introit is before the Mass; music sung after the Last Gospel is after the Mass. There is no provision in the Church's musical documents restricting them to Latin or to unison chant.

    But the pastor or whoever is making this rule is being more restrictive than the Church. No fancy-pants organum in his parish! :-)

    Now, what are you talking about with the Analecta Hymnica? Most of it is text only with no indication of melodies, which makes the sequences in the collection especially useless.

    On the other hand, I remember the song "Analecta" from Fiddler on the Roof, and that certainly was a moving moment, so I'll give some credit for that.
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  • Kathy
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    Concordi laetitia's 2nd verse is Easter-themed. Is it chanty enough?
  • Concordi Laetitia is chanty enough for me (fwiw).

    maybe someone has already mentioned "Ad Regias Agni Dapes"?

    and the solemn tone (or even simple tone) "Regina Caeli" ?
  • chonakchonak
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    And the monastic tone "Regina Caeli"!
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  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    I salute you, @puretonesoprano, for looking for liturgically appropriate chant hymns. I recall attending an EF Latin Mass venue where, Sunday after Sunday, regardless of the season, "Adoro Te Devote" was the processional hymn (sung by a soprano who had a less than perfect tone).

    That dismal experience more than anything else led me to find out what other options there were for processional music at the Latin Mass. Fortunately, I was given an Anglican Hymnal by my EF pastor and encouraged to use English hymns for the opening and closing hymns at our Missa Cantata and that's what we've done, though on some rare occasions we have sung some festive Latin chants.
  • KyleM18
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    I'd agree with the choice of O Filii et filiae. If you want a metrical version, I've been doing the latin version as done at Notre Dame de Paris. You can find in online by a google search. Otherwise, the chant is just as good. [EDIT: I'm a bit late for Divine Mercy Sunday, sadly, for which this would have been perfect. It works for the rest of the season, however.]
  • tomjaw
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    Our E.F. Ordo in the U.K. forbids us to sing in the Vernacular during Mass... We don't normally have a procession before Mass, and anyway we have the Vidi Aquam / Asperges to sing before Mass. After Mass it is traditional to sing the Marian Anthem, so we don't have a recessional hymn.

    We like a variety of chant / Polyphony for the Offertory / Communion motets, So far we have sung

    Off. Christi Resurgens (RESP)
    Com. Rex sempiterne Deus (Matins Hymn)

    Easter Sunday.
    Processional. Salve Festa
    Off. His Est Dies (Hymn)
    Com. Zyma Vetus (Former Sequence)

    Easter Monday
    Off. Chorus Novae Jerusalem (Hymn)
    Comm. Christi Resurgens (RESP)

    Low Sunday
    Off. Georgii Militia (Hymn)
    Comm. O Filii

    I don't know what they sang during Monday / Wednesday Evening Mass. Polyphony next week!

    N.B. The Hymn for St. George is from the Analecta Hymnica, as we could not find the original manuscript / melody we set the text to a melody found in the L.U.
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  • Salve, Festa Dies
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  • JL
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    Most of it is text only with no indication of melodies, which makes the sequences in the collection especially useless.

    On the contrary! Many of the sequences in the Analecta are contrafacta, and in such cases the original melody is listed in the small-print citations below the text. There are several sequence texts for every possible occasion sung to Laudes Crucis or Laetabundus, for example, and most if not all of those tunes may be found with the help of Google. The citations also list sources, and if one of those sources is the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, it will almost certainly be online at the Gallica site. A bit of digging will quite possibly turn up other listed sources as well.

    As in the rest of life, always read the fine print.