Choir Member Also Being A Lector
  • lacrimosa
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    I used to be a lector before I joined a couple of choirs and eventually went on to singing the psalms, which I enjoy doing very much and I'm pretty good at it, so I prefer doing that to being a lector, but I miss reading. I recently was at a Mass where a choir member did a reading and then returned to the choir. On the one hand, I wouldn't mind doing that too, but on the other hand, it seems that maybe it's not proper and also it might not look good, almost like showing off.
  • janetgorbitzjanetgorbitz
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    Most places I have been required that a person only do one ministry during a liturgy (ie lector or choir or usher or Extraordinary minister of Holy Eucharist). However, in places where there aren't enough people, sometimes the pastor will allow it...

    I have had choir members who were also lectors on occasion... without any real problems. And, if your pastor ever wanted to have sung readings, it would be ideal!
  • CharlesW
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    Sometimes, you have to make do with what you have. No shame in that, nor any reason for apologies.
  • stulte
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    I'd love it if we had a handful of guys in my schola who were also ordained lectors so they could chant the epistle during our parish's weekly Missa Cantata. In the context of the OF, I'm not sure how that would play out though.
  • rollingrj
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    Ideally, one role per liturgy is the norm, unless you really have an unusual circumstance or opportunity. Case in point: I was asked to be the lector and psalmist for three of the four 2015 Christmas Masses at the parish where I am also a choir member, which were Missa Cantatas. It worked out well only because the choir did it's heavy lifting during the Liturgy of the Eucharist in those Masses.

    Here's how I did it.

    To those who are a part of these kind of Masses on a regular basis, please remember it's rare for me to have this kind of opportunity. I am not meaning to brag; I just wanted for you to "come, share my joy". I am pleased and proud of what I did.

    Thank you for allowing me to share this experience.
  • CCoozeCCooze
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    almost like showing off

    That worry is understandable. Back when we were canting from the ambo, I felt this way when (right before or too soon after a baby) I returned to my pew, afterwards.

    There was one instance (still back when) where as the priest climbed the steps to the sanctuary, he passed and said, "we don't have a lector, can you read?"
    Now, I like reading aloud. I often think that if I were to completely quit choir, the Sundays when the timeliest option is a NO Mass, I'd like to be a lector... except that I don't think women need be in the sanctuary. Alas, I digress.
    Anyway, I found it extremely awkward to stand there for SO long; 1st Reading, responsorial, 2nd reading, Gospel Acclamation's intoning + verse. It felt as though people might have thought I just really wanted to be up in front of them.

    Therefore, I would not suggest doing both.

    I think I would enjoy singing an epistle, though. Still... when you have multiple priests and deacons, I'm not sure of why there are lectors and EMHCs, anyway.
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  • donr
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    We have a one ministry rule in our church.
    Also, I think it is a disruption to the Mass when someone is walking down the isle to get to the ambo then back down the isle to go back to the loft.

    I had a young lady who insisted on singing the psalm from the ambo, so I told her she could as long as she stayed in nave before and after.

    She was sad that she couldn't sing with the choir but it works much better.

    Generally I prefer if the psalmist stays in the loft.
  • CharlesW
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    My cantors are always in the loft. They don't make the rules, they follow them, or I get someone else.

    Don't all of us wish we had enough folks to cover everything. Last year, one of my former students asked that I be his confirmation sponsor. I left the loft long enough for the confirmation while a choir member played softly. Then returned to the loft for the remainder of the mass. In such situations, I take it in stride, cover it, and move on.