Easy Simple Polyphonic Masses for the Traditional Latin Mass
  • Hello, I currently direct a schola for a weekly High Mass on Sundays. I'd like for us to do some polyphonic Masses, but currently few men sing with us, so it's mostly altos and sopranos a lot of time. What would be a relatively easy polyphonic setting of the Mass ordinary that is maybe SAB or SATB, and possibly has organ accompaniment?
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    Christoph Dalitz -- Missa Tribus Vocibus

    This is EXACTLY what you need!
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    CPDL search for 2vv Masses gets 42 hits including a Gabrieli arr.; IMSLP search for 2vv & org gets 48, adding Dubois to Délibes (great piece, get to a library and find the whole mass) and Gounod. Expanding the search to 3 & 4vv is left as an exercise ;-)
  • http://jeffreyquick.com/pdf/BartschmidShortG.pdf

    This is a really nice Missa Brevis, to which are added a very weird Gloria & Credo.
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    Faure Messe Basse is really pretty and not hard if you have decent SA voices. No Gloria or Credo, however.
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    Thanks for the shout-out...I see I should prettify that scan, since I put it up before I learned the tricks I know now.
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  • I also have an SATB version of Faure's "Messe Basse".
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    There's an SAB version of the Byrd mass for three voices (evidently the tenor line is taken up an octave by sopranos). I would also recommend the Missa Octavi Toni of Lassus otherwise known as his Missa Jager (although it's SATB). It's relatively simple and short. (Lassus's employer enjoyed hunting more than assisting at lengthy masses).
  • Michael Haller (late 19th century) has Masses for SAB and organ. Just looked at his Missa Prima yesterday for the first time.
  • I recently wrote an SABar setting specifically for this reason. Although technically not accompanied, the voice lines can be effectively doubled on a light flute (8 / 8/4). We used it on one occasion and it attracted some very positive comments. There is a Credo (if necessary / for concert use) as well as the main five pieces. http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/missa-brevis-a-tre-voce-digital-sheet-music/20229298
  • Thanks everyone for the help. I liked the Dalitz one.
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    I knew you would ;-)
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    I hesitate to suggest these, but what about Rev Joseph Turner's Mass of St Cecilia (1892) and Mass of St John the Baptist by Alphonse Cary (I think) from 1891. There are lots more of that ilk; recently at an ordination we sang an Agnus Dei from another Mass of similar vintage and it was well received. Tuneful, easy, and SHORT!
  • I think that second Mass is also Turner, and that Cary was the publisher, in London, of both. Can you point us to an available source of the music?
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    I think you're right.
    I find them lying around in old churches, waiting to be thrown out. Are they not to be found in your part of the world? perhaps not.
    I will get my act together and put some on cpdl, as they are well worth reviving.
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    That would be welcome: we used to sing the Turner Cecilia Mass in Boston, and it was quite serviceable.
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    @Viola, I would love to see the Masses you have referenced; I'm not familiar with them.