Anybody else plan all the organ rep for the year?
  • JesJes
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    This is some planning I've been doing. Anybody know if I'm doing the right thing? I'd really appreciate some assistance as a more beginner range organist.
    It's not finished. I'm waiting for the priest to give me a list of dates and for the choirs to be allocated.
    I'm just curious from an organ perspective if others do similarly.
    Also grey areas are there because they are yet to be decided. I always change my mind on Easter music.
    Out of curiosity what's the best time for organists/choir directors to have holidays/retreats.
    There is a lot of manuals only stuff because our organ goes away on Monday to be repaired.
  • CharlesW
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    I do, but not to that degree. I have folders for Advent, Lent, Christmas, and etc. that contain music I will play during those times. Over the years, I have accumulated a pretty decent collection of useful works.
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    Just wondered if I'm the only one that has to submit a list like this to the PP.
  • Just wondered if I'm the only one that has to submit a list like this to the PP.
    Yes. If you are submitting it for approval. No, if they publish it in the Mass handout. Very nice choices, by the way!
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    I'm flying by the seat of my pants. I don't really know what to choose half the time but hope that is okay.
  • MarkS
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    I do my music planning for my current Episcopal church during the summers. I plan for the 'program year' (Sept.—June); the choir has the summer off (common in these parts) and summer is my time to learn new rep., bring out old favorites and repeat a thing or two from the previous year.

    I sit with the lectionary, and start with likely choir anthems and hymns for each Sunday (we rarely repeat hymns during the year); I then choose appropriate preludes and postludes. As often as possible I match chant- or hymn-based organ works with hymns sung during the service.
  • (we rarely repeat hymns during the year).

    You get a gold star -
    and a bottle of Benedictine
    (or Drambuie if you prefer)!
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    Jes - you may be interested in the Cantantibus Organis series, also available at IMSLP. It's 19 volumes of not-too-difficult organ music, and several of the volumes are grouped seasonally, e.g.

    — vol. 1, Advent & Christmas
    — vol. 12, post-Christmas through Lent
    — vol. 8, Eastertide
    — vol. 17, Pentecost
    — vol. 19, Marian music
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    @CGM thank you!!!!!!
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