Confitemini domino
  • anyone familiar with the confitemini domino that is done at the Vatican on Easter Vigil as alleluia verse? Chant setting in parts. I have been looking for sheet music on this for a while and can't find it anywhere.

    Here is a YouTube link for reference:

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    Here you go - just lifted it from the link you provided. I found another video from a couple years earlier, with Pope Benedict XVI intoning the solemn Alleluia.
  • Wow! Thanks a lot for doing that.

    I ended up doing it myself back in 2015 but yours is way better, hahaha.
  • I also transcribed the brass fanfare for brass quartet. I'll post mine when I get to computer in case anyone wants to critique. I'm a fledgling at this

    EDIT: attached a couple things.
    1) brass fanfare
    2) my initial version in english
    3) my "fixed" version after seeing what CGM did.
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    One small comment: in the brass fanfare, the top two lines should be indicated, "Trumpet in C." Otherwise, you'll need to transpose the trumpet parts up a whole-step (from F Major into G Major, with a one-sharp key signature), since a Bb trumpet part isn't in concert pitch. Alternately, you could put a "Score in Concert Pitch" disclaimer on the top left of the page.

    And a slight suggestion about the corrected English adaptation: perhaps in the tenor line toward the end of the second system, the second syllable of "endures" could have two notes under a slur (D-F), then the "for-" of "forever" could have a G, and the "-ever" could have A-A in the tenor. That way, the cadence resolves onto the stressed syllable ("for-EV-er"). To my ears, that's a more satisfying conclusion.
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