Tutorial on Gregorio software notation
  • For anyone just getting started with the typesetting software Gregorio and its "gabc" notation, I've written a set of tutorial pages that walks through the typesetting of Kyrie XVII.

    The output looks like this:
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  • Thanks Chonak--This looks great. Any chance you would also post a tutorial on compiling Gregorio from source (on a Mac) for us non-hackers? I would love to use this but have no idea of where to start based on these directions: http://home.gna.org/gregorio/installation-mac

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • My guess is that you'll need to learn how to install the various prerequisite packages listed on that page which you cited, probably using tools from finkproject.org. You'll also need to install a version of TeX, called MacTeX. Once you have those in place, that will give you the tools you need to compile and install gregorio using the instructions at that link on gna.org .

    But before you proceed at all, don't trust my advice, because I have no Mac experience. You'd better write to gregorio-devel@gna.org to make sure what is the best way to proceed. You can find info on that mailing list at http://home.gna.org/gregorio/contact .
  • Thanks for the advice. Although I'm moderately tech savvy, the thought of trying to compile Gregorio is pretty intimidating. In reality I may have to wait for the install scripts, etc., and most especially the GUI before trying my hand at it. Do you have any updates on development progress that is more up to date than the website? Do you know when we might be seeing some of these features?
  • Current efforts are going into bug fixes and improvements to the current beta-ish release (v 0.9-1). If you'd like to access gregorio on my linux system to try it out, send an e-mail (click on my name above to get the address). I can probably set up remote access, if you are able to run "ssh" (secure shell) from your end.